Sunday, September 2, 2012

In the Shadow of Greatness launches a blog!

The authors of In the Shadow of Greatness,  a book by and about the USNA Class of 2002 and the impact of September 11th, have launched a blog.

"We started this book project 3 years ago with the intention of capturing some important stories about the new generation of leaders emerging from the trials of the past ten years of war.  We got 63 great essays and edited it down to 33 for the book which is now on bookstore shelves.  The rest will be made available at our website."

"Now that the book is done and the online stories are nearly ready to share, we are nearing the most important moment, the very purpose of the book, which is the beginning of a national conversation."

They go on to note, " The events of 9-11 brought the cause of our generation into focus - a war on terror -  but this proved to be a shadowy war, unlike the black and white distinctions of World War II.  We've been struggling to act heroicly in the face of uncertainty.  We believe that the stories in "The Shadow of Greatness" capture this hope and will inspire others to do likewise....Now that the book is complete, we hope you'll read and and also join us in an online discussion about what makes America great. "

And here's where it get's interesting: " While American exceptionalism is a hot topic leading into November's election, our intent is not to over politicize the discussion, but rather to foster a serious dialogue. Indeed, "In the Shadow of Greatness" is apolitical and represents a common ground between both parties. We offer this first submission in the discussion, that it is the leadership and heroism of our veterans that makes #Americagreat.  Join us on Twitter and Facebook, and use the hashtag #AmericaGreat to share what you think are America's best qualities."

There's a lot of events planned around the book for the week of 9-11 -  check it out!


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