Saturday, August 25, 2012

Backstage at the book tour, continued

The In the Shadow of Greatness book tour now has nearly 30 events, including a kick off at the Navy Memorial on September 11th. I've been saying that the royalties go to veterans' charities, but a better term would be veterans' organizations. The basis idea of the Semper Fi Fund is that the wounded are not charity cases, but heroes. They are independent men and women who want to be self-sufficient and productive. That's why "organization" is a better word. Here's the mission of the Semper Fi Fund:
The basic ideal that drives our efforts is simple: as much as these American heroes have sacrificed, they deserve the best care and support available in their hour of need. Injuries are often severe, and the road to recovery or rehabilitation can be long and costly. Beyond the staggering costs of hospitalization and treatment, related expenses typically pile up quickly. Family members may lose income when taking time off work to visit and care for injured loved ones. Childcare, plane fare and other travel expenses often stretch a family's budget to the breaking point. Many of those we work with must have their homes modified, or even move into a new home designed to accommodate a serious disability; adaptive transportation is needed. The list goes on and on, and so do the bills. That's where we come in.
Another non profit organizations that will be helped by the book is the The Matt Freeman Project. Shortly before Matt was killed in Afghanistan, he asked his folks to send school supplies for the Afghan children. He said that the kids "would rather have pens and paper than than food and water."  In his memory, his family created the organization to collect school supplies and send them to Afghanistan for the children. .Watch a video about Matt's project here.

There's other vets organizations on the list. See for more. 

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