Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thoughts on Kevin Krigger, Goldencents, Clocker's Corner...

Santa Anita Park is one of the region's secret treasures. Early each morning,
there's coffee, oatmeal, pancakes etc. at Clocker's Corner. The grooms and trainers
exercise the thoroughbreds. Here's links to my thoughts about Kevin Krigger,
a young jockey who will ride Goldencents in the 2013 Kentucky Derby.  My thoughts:
The morning haze had lifted. Before us stretched the verdant slopes of the San Gabriel Mountains. Thoroughbred race horses exercised a few yards away from us. The customers were a mix of trainers, owners, jockeys and hangers-on like me. There were a couple of dogs, happy to accompany their owners. The surroundings were stunning.
Kevin pointed to the east. “At 6:30 a.m., the sun comes up right over there. If you come here every morning, even if you stay for five minutes, just for a cup of coffee, the rest of your day will be beautiful.”
My two recent columns are: Around Town: A great way to start a morning and Around Town: Winning at the racetrack with Kevin Krigger

And, here's a quote from Men's Journal about the significance of Krigger's run:

Black jockeys once dominated the Kentucky Derby, winning 15 of the first 28 titles between 1875 and 1902. They were former slaves and their sons – a vestige of colonial times, when planters owned both horses and riders. Post–Civil War, they were the country's best riders, but the narrow window opened by Reconstruction was slammed shut by Jim Crow. Even in Northern cities, white jockeys and officials ran black riders off the track, whitewashing their legacy. Churchill Downs was completely segregated throughout the 1950s.
On May 4, 29-year-old jockey Kevin Krigger looks to reverse that history at Churchill Downs, riding Goldencents, an early top-10 favorite trained by Doug O'Neill (who trained last year's winner). Krigger is just the second black jockey to compete in the Derby since 1921, and the first from the U.S. Virgin Islands. More at: 

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