Monday, April 5, 2010

Around Town: Dreams of peace (AIPAC pt 2)

The economy is good in Washington, D.C. The government is self-sustaining. It generates jobs.

Alexandria Va., where I am staying, has less “for sale” signs, fewer empty storefronts than in California. On the Metro I meet people of all nationalities, going to work.

One sunny morning before arriving at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) national policy conference, I see three slim teens on the King Street (Alexandria) shuttle. One has her head scarf wrapped in the traditional Muslim style. The second has removed her head scarf — it hangs stylishly around her neck. The third slings hers over one shoulder.

As the three teens skip off the bus, I think of peace.

The sweet dream of peace is on my mind at AIPAC as I listen to an Ethiopian-born Jew who walked most of the way to Israel to seek peace, safety and food. He is now a member of the Knesset — the Israeli congress.

The sweet dream of peace is on my mind as I listen to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and others stress the right of Israel to be a nation, a fact not recognized by, for example, Iran, whose leader again seeks the destruction of Israel and America. They tell us that Iran’s pursuit of a nuclear weapons capability must be stopped. They have jointly asked President Obama to impose sanctions based on legislation that has overwhelmingly passed the House and Senate.

The message from the Senate is clear. Both Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) and Chuck Shumer (D-New York) tell us that a nuclear Iran is not an option.

Today, the sky is full of clouds. Rabbi Gil Kollin and I will meet with Congressman David Dreier. The subject: Iran.

Clouds today. Peace tomorrow. One can hope.


ANITA SUSAN BRENNER is a longtime La Cañada Flintridge resident and an attorney with Law Offices of Torres and Brenner in Pasadena. E-mail her at

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